Vision board workshop - Sydney 18th FEB 2024


Visualise your dreams, so you can manifest your desires.

Join this incredible vision board workshop and release your sub-concious. We will help you discover what it is you really want. By guiding you in creating a beautiful vision board in a safe and supported environment.

These fabulously fun workshops are always filled with laughter and true insight. You will enjoy this incredible workshop of self discovery. As you will create a visual portal to your dreams, which will in turn help you to manifest them.

This is a great event to come to, alone or bring a group of friends.

what will your vision board do for you ? 

  • access your subconscious 
  • discover what you truly desire
  • unleash the power you have to manifest your dreams
  • give you a powerful visual meditation that will last your lifetime
  • learn where to keep your vision board so it helps improve your life most
  • learn how to clarify your dreams
  • give you a visual snapshot of your emotional state
  • create a snapshot of your lifes' journey
  • teach you how to manifest your desires
  • see life patterns reveal
  • exploration into your values
  • consider changes you want to make happen

date & time 

Sunday 18th FEB 2024

6:00 pm till 8:30pm


Bondi Beach.

Precise location to be confirmed

NSW 2026



what people say

" When I was creating my vision board I was literally able to see my dreams appear in front of me "

" I never expected this workshop to be so powerful. I literally manifested my board without realising it. Thanks you "

" i do this vision board workshop every year . Its great fun, but mostly I like it because it shows me how my life is moving forward, its great way to see where I have been what I have achieved each time I look at the old ones I realise how much my life has moved forward and how much I am capable of manifesting"

" I love my vision board its so revealing "

What will yours look like ?