Why We Love Chrysoprase

About: Chrysoprase is an apple green crystal mainly associated with the Heart & Throat Chakra. It is a cryptocrystalline, from the chalcedony family, which means that it is composed of crystals so fine that they cannot be seen as distinct particles under normal magnification.

Chrysoprase results from the deep weathering of nickeliferous rocks. The best known sources of chrysoprase are  Australia, Germany, Poland, Russia, Arizona, California and Brazil.


Metaphysical: Chrysoprase is a stone of fertility and renewal, and has been used in aiding efforts to bring new life into a family, a community, or an organization. Chrysoprase can help you seek and find productivity, progress, prosperity, material success, and advancement. It is a potent talisman for efforts directed at career advancement.

Why you should wear this stone: We include chrysoprase in our heart chakra jewelry because it works to open us up to the positive opportunities that surround us in this abundant world every day.

When our heart Chakra is imbalanced or in need of support we may become closed and unwilling to allow new abundance into our lives. Chyrsoprase works energetically to support you in those areas.