Why We Love Carnelian

About: This wonderfully warm stone varies in colour from bright orange through red to a hue so dark it is almost brown. Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony, which is a crystal from the quartz family, and like most crystals it is wonderfully energetic, encompassing planetary information and energy. Its colour comes from iron oxide impurities. It has been used for centuries as adornment and in ritual.

Carnelian crystals and their meanings

Metaphysical: This stone brings joy, motivation, endurance, leadership, and courage into our lives. In the past, warriors would wear carnelian into battle to boost courage and physical prowess thus helping them to vanquish their enemies. Emotionally carnelian has been worn to enhance passion, love and desire.

Energetically this stone works as a force of stability in the midst of change. It works to hold us steady while shaking the detritus from our energetic field. It will work to anchor one to the present, while restoring motivation and a genuine drive to pursue new possibilities. This means it can be a very useful stone when meditating on or going through life changes.

Why you should where this stone: For all of the above reasons carnelian is a useful stone to enhance fertility, and it is why we have included it in our sacral chakra designs. The sacral chakra governs new growth, fertility, sexuality, and the seeds of change in our lives. It helps us shed old layers to uncover the new ones, and even though this can put us in a raw space carnelian helps support our transitions by adding a bit of stability to this work.