Why we love pink talcum

About: Talcum is a mineral composed of hydrated magnesium silicate and is the softest known mineral in the world. Talcum can be easily scratched by a fingernail or cut with a knife. It is found all over the world and is very common in industrial uses as a surface for lab counter tops and electrical switchboards.

In general it has a clear or dusty luster, and is translucent to opaque. It ranges in color from white to grey to green and in the case of our stones pink. Talc is not soluble in water, but it is slightly soluble in dilute mineral acids. 

Crystals and their meaning

Metaphysical: Pink talcum is known as a stone of self worth that works to break down resistance and open the heart to change. It may assist one in reassuring them when dealing with separation and healing after difficult break ups. It can help clear any negative outlooks especially about oneself and oneself worth, which will have the effect of improving one’s outlook.

Why you should wear this stone: We use pink talcum in our heart chakra designs because of its ability to support the heart through separations and clear negative energies and outlooks in ourselves. When we deal with separations, whether they are permanent or temporary, it can raise many fear bodies and memories of past pain. Pink talcum can be used to reassure you that the past is the past and the present does not have to turn out the same. Use it to keep your outlook and your heart positive and open.