heart felt testimonials

"Love your crystals...I get comments about my necklaces all the time. They just add that bit of extra sparkle to your mindset...and your outfit. ❤"

" For me its the simplicity of the design, the beautiful colours and then the energy they transmit and balance. Like Alice I also love playing with them. "

I also wanted to tell you my story and how my mala beads helped me to achieve a very long dream of mine.

I have for many years tried to have a baby with many rounds of IVF that just didn't work it was just the darkest period of my life. One day I was in front of my computer at work very early with yet another failed IVF round behind me when I plugged in your website and was drawn to your mala beads but I particularly the beautiful brown beads at the time I wasn't aware that it was for fertility , so when I read on and saw they helped with fertility I didn't hesitate I purchased them.

"When they arrive they were just gorgeous I couldn't stop holding them and I wore them all the time at night and first thing in the morning I would do my meditation and I felt at peace with all things. That November I did another IVF cycle and it worked !!!!!! I now have the most gorgeous little girl named DARCY who is 9 months old she is divine ❤️❤️❤️❤️. I am know currently preparing for another IVF transfer to give my gorgeous daughter a brother or sister and I have my mala beads near me to help as they did before . "

"A huge thank you to the I Love Chakra team for the love and dedication they put into their gorgeous jewellery. I have several chakra lariats that I purchased many years ago which are still just as beautiful as the day I bought them, actually I think the energy in them has only amplified over the years and I always get compliments whenever I wear them. I have just purchased the Heart Chakra lariat and I'm in love again, the energy of the crystals is amazing. Thank you girls I'm already saving for my next one xx"

"I love my collection of Chakra Necklaces which has grown considerably over the last few years. They are truely beautiful, natural and give me a sense of inner peace and healing. "

" Love the service and the quality,I have several products from these lovely people and have never once had a problem with their jewellery. The crystals are beautiful "

'I have bought many beautiful pieces from I Love Chakra over the years - they never seem to loose their strength & beauty. I like to think of myself as a collector now ;)Most recently I purchased an Angel Wing which I wear every day, I absolutely adore it. I'd like to thank Katie and all the lovely ladies of I love Chakra for creating these beautiful crystal creations which bring me such joy. Xxx"

"I have to tell you how MUCH I LOVE my chakra lace. I realized the other day, I haven't sent you pictures of it & me with it- they will come, I swear! Or told you how simply amazing, powerful, and beautiful it is! To have won the lace by design was such an honour and a gift, for which I am so very grateful. The compliments I get are often, & I tell everyone to visit your site, & Facebook, so they can check it out and get their own unique piece from your Chakra collection. I hope to meet you one day when my Aussie love finally takes me home for holidays! I'd be so happy to meet you stateside too, so if you're ever in NYC please let me know! My love and light shines to your love and light beautiful sister! "

"Thank you once again for your amazing talent ladies it's always such a pleasure to be in your presence, surrounded by your Life changing Chakras "

"I love that mine are so tactile, if I'm wearing them, there's a 99% chance that I'm rolling a stone between my fingers - there's something soothing about the way they feel, some are very smooth and even shaped, some have odd shapes, I love them all - I swear I could tell my laces just by feeling the stones! And that doesn't even cover the amazing colours of the stones..."

" i feel like wearing this necklace creates a stronger awareness of my central channel helping me to remain grounded in the most trying of situations. plus they are beautiful and shiny!"

 " I love the sound mine makes when I dive underneath the sea ... That silence I usually find so orgasmic and peaceful is tickled by the tingling of the stones against one another and I love that!! Thank you. I also love that my one year old boy plays with them while I breastfeed him. Super sweet x "

" Wearing my Chakra Laces just makes me feel so connected! Connected to the me that you see and the me that is the essence of who I really am! Together there is beauty & alignment and my laces are the threads that link the two me's!! I them! Thank you "

" I have been admiring these for months and would truly love to have one. Just looking at the stones gives me peace so being able to actually touch them would be amazing! "

" I recently got mine at Mind Body Spirit in Melbourne ,and from the moment I put it on I felt a warming feeling around my neck where it touched my skin , it felt like my body was smiling from the inside and I knew there and then I had to have it ! I even put it under my pillow when sleeping and fall asleep holding it, it just seems to sooth me .truly amazing I love mine .... Thankyou "

" I'll tell you one thing, that's one of the most beautiful necklaces I've ever seen!! I've gotta manifest myself one of these babies!!"

" Namaste  Katie, thank so much for the discount, its a birthday gift from myself to my soul for being so beautifuly patient with me in this spirituel journey. I could feel the power around those crystal by just looking at the pictures I cant wait to wear, feel and merge with them as one  ."

" Thank you ..infintes blessings "


" I just wanted to say thank you so much for the bracelets and the necklace they are really beautiful and I feel really blessed to have them. "

 " Oh my goodness....

  " I received my necklace today and it is more beautiful than the pictures allow. I ripped the envelope open (and thank you so much for the hearts next to my name!!!!) while still in the car and put it on. I was on my was to a star gazing class in our local national forest so was wearing hiking clothes and bug repellant as my perfume. All that to say, not my fancy best, but when I got there I was immediately stopped by a couple of women who complimented me on my necklace. It seems they had been looking for something like this but had not been able to find one they liked. I happily gave them your website info."

 " I am very excited to experience what is going to happen with me the more I wear this. I know the energy is real and healing....and I look forward to having everything line up and balance with and for me. "

" You have a beautiful website, gorgeous jewelry, and a spirit that radiates kindness, joy and peace. I look forward to adding to my collection."

" Thank you for doing what you do, how you do it. " Blessed Be, Hugs, Cici

"Thank you SO much for the beautiful mala and bracelet that arrived yesterday - they are absolutely gorgeous and full of good energy. "

" i got one of your necklaces at wanderlust 2014 and absolutely love it. it has travelled with me all around the world and is so easy to dress up or dress down. it's my balancing reminder of who i am and where i'm from when i'm jet-lagged, exhausted, or just in need of a bit of grounding. thank you - i love it! "

" thank you so much for my new necklace l!! I now won't do readings without wearing it and still even now feel like a strong sheild is protecting me when I put them on in the morning…" 

" I got my rainbow chakra Mala in the mail, today! I am in looove " 

“ Thank you so much for getting back to me promptly! and the same for shipping my Namaste Bracelet!

" I've become a huge fan of your chakra laces. The heart chakra lace was the very 1st one that I got last year, and which has been incredibly, incredibly helpful and quite snuggy for me :)  

" This year on 2 separate occasions I seem to have been led to the Black Beauty lace - also really great and just in time (like you wouldn't believe) and the Lapis Dreaming lace - we're still getting to know each other :)"  

" One of the things that I love about the laces is that instead of holding loose stones for about an hour or so, I can throw them on and go about my day.  Moreover, I don’t just benefit from one stone at a time, I benefit from multiple stones! “

" I received my happy Buddha balance mala necklace and the balance bracelet yesterday. I am so happy with these pieces! The quality is beautiful. And I immediately felt an energetic resonance with both pieces. I'm looking forward to meditating with the mala and wearing my new jewelry! Thank you! "

" Awesome!! I received my Happy Buddah and I am absolutely in love with it!!! Thanks so much for such a beautiful piece!! Can't wait to purchase more "

" Thank you so much for my speedy delivery of the Chakra lace that I ordered on Thursday. Im so grateful as I'm gifting them on Monday. They look great, I absolutley love them. I know I wear mine constantly, especially in summer and I have never holidayed without them in the last 4 years. It was lovely speaking with you and as easy and helpful as I'd remembered. I look forward to ordering more, hopefully for christmas."
Kind regards Angie

Our crystals are enjoyed by a growing number of wellbeing professionals and feel good celebrities. 

Patty Kikos

Spot all these wellbeing celebs wearing our crystals: Patty Kikos, Shiva Rea, Deva Premal, Seane Corn, Nancy Levin, Nahko, Bianca Machliss, Jacki Carr, Marie Beth LaRue, Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, Louise Hay, Cimone Louise Fung, Indigo Tarot, Mitchell Coombs, Micheal Franti, Sacred Earth Music, Future Sound of Yoga, Angie Simmons, The Spa Whisperer, Tamika Hilder, Kate Kendall and many more.


We have also been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Yoga Journal, Wellbeing Magazine, Elephant Journal, Mind Body Green. 

Wholesalers testimonial 

"Thank you so much for the promotion on your FB page!  The poster came out great! We have sold about 20 pieces in less than a week, everyone LOVES them!  I will be getting a reorder together I'm sure very soon.
Thank you for making such wonderful pieces of jewelry with such love that change people's lives.  My client that purchased 2 necklaces this week wore them to a meeting with her boss and walked out with a raise and is convinced it's her new crystals! So are we!" - Regards, Mary
" I have many success stories of our clients and how the crystals have enhanced their lives. I had a client who wanted the "wealth" one and we sold her the solar plexus bracelet and she texted us and told us she has been hitting on lottery tickets everyday. My employee bought the heart chakra and 2 men from her past professed their love for her on the same day after she hadn't seen them in years. I have a psychic client who purchased the 3rd eye mala and lace and she has cancer, she wears them when she doesn't feel well and within an hour she feels fantastic and can work and continue her day. Just yestarday, my client purchased the heart lace, she had her heart closed for many many years and felt it was time to open it. She texted me 4 hours later and told me that "it's happening! amazing! magical!" was her text . Your crystals are changing the lives of so many people, they literally put them on and their whole demeanor changes, their face lights up! I attribute our success to spending the time with them by doing their hair and targeting what they need to work on and then simply educating them as to what they are all about, the display attracts their attention and once they put them on, they are sold. You have to get it on them and then they feel the power. "