Why We Love Fluorite

About: Fluorite is made of calcium fluoride and belongs to the halide minerals. It can be light blue, green, purple, or even yellow and is often found as part of the host rock surrounding metallic minerals. It is one of the primary minerals in granites and other igneous rocks. Fluorite is widely occurring with large deposits all over the world including China, Germany, Kenya, and the United States.

One of the most famous of the older-known localities of fluorite is Castleton in Derbyshire England, where, under the name of Derbyshire Blue John, purple-blue fluorite was extracted from several mines or caves, including the famous Blue John Cavern. During the 19th century, this attractive fluorite was mined for its ornamental value.

Fluorite crystals and their meanings

Metaphysical: Fluorite is a wonderful stone for working with the upper chakras. It’s protective and stabilizing energies bring clarity and increase intuitive abilities assisting the third eye chakra. It assists the crown chakra by aligning our consciousness to the universal consciousness developing a connection to spirit.

Due to its stabilizing factors it allows the increased intuition and connection to spirit to be grounded in the physical plane, which supports the throat chakra.

Why you should wear this stone: We include blue fluorite in our throat chakra collection because of its ability to assist bringing intuition and the connection to the divine into this physical realm. The throat chakra is all about our unique expression of the universal connection as interpreted through our experiences in this physical realm.

Blue fluorite is a powerful and protective stone to help in the work of letting your truth shine forth and brighten the world.