Why We Love Lepidolite

About: Lepidolite is not a crystal.  It is actually a lilac colored member of the micah group of stones.  It was discovered in the mid-eighteenth century and was originally known as lilalite (from the Hindu word for play).  It is a secondary source of lithium and is commonly associated with other lithium bearing minerals.  It occurs along with granite and in other high temperature quartz veins.  It originates from all over the world including Brazil, Russia, the US, and Canada.

lepidolite crystals

Metaphysical: Healers refer to lepidolite as the peace stone.  This stone has been said to encourage independence for setting and attaining goals in a calm and measured way.  It may promote restful sleep, protect from exterior energies, and attract good luck while keeping negativity away.  It is a very calming and balancing stone, hence it’s moniker, the peace stone.  It is often used in dream work and rebirthing ceremonies. 

Why you should wear this stone: We include lepidolite in our third eye laces for its calming and protective energies.  So often when we are in a space where we need to trust our intuition we are dealing with tension, and old pain bodies – those memories of past pains that try to influence our present and our future. 

Lepidolite will work with your energy system to balance your energies, calm your fears, and keep you directed towards your goal of mindfulness.  For what is intuition if not a calm state of constant and consistent recognition of the present moment’s unfolding. 

The lepidolite in our third eye laces, malas, and bracelets, along with amethyst, work to put you in touch with your intuition and dreamscape so you can trust in your path and achieve the dreams you are meant for.