FREE Shipping on Purchases over $250 - 30 Day Free Returns Policy - Afterpay now available
FREE Shipping on Purchases over $250 - 30 Day Free Returns Policy - Afterpay now available



Do you often feel energetically or emotionally unbalanced?

Did you know that wearing crystals can significantly and immediately improve your energetic and emotional equilibrium?

For over 18 years we have been making beautiful energy healing pieces that focus on activating immediate, powerful and positive change. By bringing awareness to, and supporting your subtle energies, we can help to instantly raise your vibration, uplift your spirits and ultimately heal your world.

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Chakra Healing with Bespoke Crystal Necklace

Enjoy a one hour Chakra Healing Session with Katie Manekshaw, founder of I Love Chakra then receive a beautiful personalised crystal talisman to support your journey. 

"Katie really helped change my energy. I feel so much more relaxed and centered. When the necklace arrived it was such a special feeling wearing it and knowing it was made just for me. Thank you for everything" - Sharon x

Rare Crystal Lariats


Our Crystal Chakra Lariats are our most popular design. They are aesthetically versitile and energetically powerful.

"I never go out without mine on"

Gratitude Bracelets

Capture the essence of gratitude in each moment with these stackable energy bracelets. Pick and mix just the right combination of crystals to help you most.

Add a sterling silver 'tiny chime intention bell' to raise your vibration.

Birth Stone Necklace

These Beautiful Sterling Silver Birthstone & Angel Wing Necklaces are the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, or remember someone special.

Great Gift Idea

Mala Prayer Beads

108 precious crystals spheres carefully blended to guide you to your very own state of chakra bliss. Simply find your mantra & begin.