Wholesale Opportunities 

We have a variety of on-selling options depending on the style of your wellness practice, store or website. Please do not hesitate to contact us for our current price list.

Email:  info@ilovechakra.com 

Tel: + 61 412 746 217 or 02 6684 2294

Wholesale Testimonials 

"Thank you so much for the promotion on your FB page!  The poster came out great! We have sold about 20 pieces in less than a week, everyone LOVES them!  I will be getting a reorder together I'm sure very soon. 
Thank you for making such wonderful pieces of jewelry with such love that change people's lives.  My client that purchased 2 necklaces this week wore them to a meeting with her boss and walked out with a raise and is convinced it's her new crystals! So are we!" - Regards, Mary

" I have many success stories of our clients and how the crystals have enhanced their lives. I had a client who wanted the "wealth" one and we sold her the solar plexus bracelet and she texted us and told us she has been hitting on lottery tickets everyday. My employee bought the heart chakra and 2 men from her past professed their love for her on the same day after she hadn't seen them in years. I have a psychic client who purchased the 3rd eye mala and lace and she has cancer, she wears them when she doesn't feel well and within an hour she feels fantastic and can work and continue her day. Just yestarday, my client purchased the heart lace, she had her heart closed for many many years and felt it was time to open it. She texted me 4 hours later and told me that "it's happening! amazing! magical!" was her text . Your crystals are changing the lives of so many people, they literally put them on and their whole demeanor changes, their face lights up! I attribute our success to spending the time with them by doing their hair and targeting what they need to work on and then simply educating them as to what they are all about, the display attracts their attention and once they put them on, they are sold. You have to get it on them and then they feel the power. " 


Chakra Ambassadors Wanted:

If you have an online well being business & would like to become a Chakra Ambassador by promoting our chakra designs to your client base, please write to us and help empower YOUR clientele with these powerful healing tools.