Fine Art Yoga Mat - WATER


Bespoke fine art yoga mat. 

WATER - Painting by artist K P Manekshaw

Explore these divine eco yoga and meditation mats printed with the breathtaking artwork of Katie Manekshaw.

These vibrant yoga mates are printed with toxic water-based inks.

They are free from latex, silicone and toxic glue, or phthalates, There is no PVC chlorine used so they have no smell even when they are new.

Our mats are particularly good for Hot Yoga as they perform well when you sweat more as they are non-slippy when wet. But they can be used for both regular and hot yoga.

TIP: Before your practice on your Elements Yoga Mat, lightly spray with water or mat cleanser, this will prevent any slipping.

Care: Either hand wash or machine wash in cold water so your mat will not fade.

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