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Lapiz dreaming - limited edition

I Love Chakra

OUT OF STOCK TEMPORARILY. But you can still find Lapiz in our beautiful Peacock Design.

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This royal blue stone with flecks of gold colored pyrite is said to be very protective and was popular among the people of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome. So you won't be the first to wear it. But it shows you have good taste :)

This chakra necklace is designed to open you third eye and throat chakra, encouraging you to trust in and rely on your subconscious feelings more than your rational ones.  It is also intended to help you openly express your imagination, so you can get really creative with all forms of expression. 

About this stone

Lapis lazuli is a rock formed by multiple minerals, mostly lazurite sodalite, calcite, and pyrite. It is royal blue in colour with gold flecks. It has been highly valued as a stone representing and enhancing wisdom, truth, spirit, and vision.

It was one of the most highly prized tributes given to the ancient Egyptians and has been mined since 4000 BC. It’s worth and power have been widely recognized for centuries by cultures around the world from ancient Egyptians (used in scarab ornaments and pharaohs sarcophagi), to Persia and pre-Columbian America.


Lapis lazuli releases stress allowing for increased feelings of peace and serenity. It activates the third eye, which expands ones awareness and tunes one into their intuitive self. This can stimulate enlightening experiences and enhance any dream work that one may be engaging in. It also works with the throat chakra to enhance our ability for free expression and natural release.


Lapis lazuli may be beneficial for conditions related to the throat larynx, and vocal chords. It may assist in regulating the endocrine and thyroid glands as well. It is said to enhance circulation and improve cardiac rhythm as well as lower blood pressure reduce vertigo and help to alleviate insomnia.

Why you should wear this stone

Lapiz enhances and supports both the throat and the third eye chakra systems. Lapis lazuli’s ability to enhance spirit growth comes into play by assisting us in the interpretation of our intuition and visions. With the help of Lapis Lazuli one’s heightened awareness can be better understood and incorporated into our everyday lives.

Lapiz dreaming - limited edition - i Love Chakra
  • Lapiz dreaming - limited edition - i Love Chakra
  • Lapiz dreaming - limited edition - i Love Chakra
  • Lapiz dreaming - limited edition - i Love Chakra
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