Water - meditation artwork


Inspiration behind this piece: Connectivity. Flow. Power. Our souls are connected to one another moving in unison from a single drop to a vast expanding ocean.

Explore these incredible artworks hand painted with acrylic on canvas by artist and intuitive Katie Manekshaw. Spending 4 years painting the collection channeling energies from spirit. To create complex patterns and cellular structures that represent the universe and it's connection to all matter. Focusing on the repetitions and patterns in nature, and the links between the macro and the micro, she explores the very nature of life itself and our relationship with it. 

These unique and beautiful spiritual artworks can help you connect with your higher self. Learn to meditate through your chakra centres with these beautiful channelled creations. 


Available as unmounted metallic photographs. Sizes Available 30cm or 60cm

Or in contemporary 3mm acrylic frames, which are ready to hang.  Sizes Available 30cm or 60cm

NOTE: shipping costs may be additional. 

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