Happy Buddha Root Chakra Mala - Grounding & Strength


This stunning Happy Buddha Mala has been designed to help draw attention to your root chakra. These grounding crystals help to connect you with the physical realm so you can feel more supported and nurtured by your environment. It is imperative to activate your root chakra before you transcend into more higher states of consciousness so you can retain a connection with the earthly realm. 

suggested mantra

“My roots are deep, my foundation is strong. Mother Earth connects me to all.”


red tiger eye
snow flake obsidian
black obsidian
smoky quartz
sardine coral 
clear quartz buddha head 

These deluxe mala prayer beads are designed and hand crafted especially for you with 108 A grade 8 mm counting crystals, to help you draw your energy up from mother earth and into your energy being. 

Each crystal is hand knotted in place to make each sphere roll easily between your fingers. We take very special care to blend each colour spectrum perfectly into the next.  

We finish off all our malas with a subtle, but beautifully carved clear quartz smiling Buddha head. Clear quartz is a powerful cleansing and charging stone. 

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