Discover I Love Chakra's NEW Awaken Sacred Feminine Blue Lotus Oil is pure sensory heaven. Perfect for ritual and wear this blissfully intoxicating oil can be used for the face, body and hair.  It will awaken your senses instil more calm, self love and intuition. 

"Metaphysically, this intoxicating sacred oil will help you to open your third eye and activate your intuition to higher realms of consciousness. Physically, it is the perfect oil for use on your face, body, hair and can be helpful for deepening relaxation states, during meditations, healing rituals and at bath time."

You can now add a hint of additional oils to your Blue Lotus and Moringa Base to create a more complex scent.  

Option to add a hint of sandalwood to your blend. 

Consciously made with amethyst charged, floral infused 5% pure blue lotus oil, set in a universally healing, cold-pressed Moringa Oil.

BUY SINGLE OIL $85 - 50ml

BUY THREE PACK $225  - 150ml