Heart Chakra Crystals - Quiz Results

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 You have made a start to try and understand which of your chakras is causing you most issues. Now let us help you go deeper, so you can really start to heal your energies.

It seems your heart chakra is out of alignment right now, but don't worry we can help you with knowledge and tools to support and balance this important chakra centre. So you can embrace energies of love, compassion, self-love and forgiveness.

 Learn about your heart chakra

 The Sanskrit name for the heart chakra centre is Anahata. This fourth chakra is found in the centre of the chest, and its functions relate to compassion, forgiveness and love. 

What does it mean if your heart chakra is not balanced

Chakra imbalances may cause you to identify with a range of self-destructive mindsets, like fear, loneliness, anxiety, low self-esteem, mistrust or apathy.

Dysfunction in this chakra may ultimately prevent you from building healthy balanced relationships.

When your heart chakra is unbalanced you may be suffering from grief or heartbreak. Perhaps you’ve experienced so much emotional pain that you’ve lost faith in new relationships.

You may find it hard, or impossible to forgive. You may also have difficulty with boundaries, always putting the needs of others in front of your own, which can often attract unsupportive or even abusive people. 

How to balance your heart chakra

 The first step to healing your heart chakra is self-awareness. Awareness is key. 

Consider and contemplate what past experiences in your life may have triggered or encouraged your heart chakra imbalance. For help with this book a powerful chakra healing session with author, energetic intuitive and founder of I Love Chakra Katie Manekshaw . 


To further nourish your heart chakra energy, meditate on feelings of pure self-love and consciously choose to surround yourself with the people that make you feel completely supported.

When you experience more self-love and compassion for yourself, you will demand it from others. There is nothing more attractive than someone who has healthy boundaries and can acknowledge their own self-worth.

Also, meditate on forgiveness. Practice forgiveness for those who’ve hurt you – as it is imperative to release yourself from those negative emotions that bind you to the people who have caused you suffering. Forgiveness is the true path to peace.

Heart Chakra Crystals 

Our powerful crystals are beautiful tools of wellness, designed to help you align your heart chakra, and bring awareness and healing, so you feel greater physical and emotional equilibrium. 

Wear our Heart Chakra Crystals to align your 4th chakra centre. This beautiful collection helps you to find inner peace by encouraging compassion and self-love. Wearing this collection will encourage you to be open, accepting, and help you achieve more loving relationships with healthy boundaries. 

Initiate your healing using our powerful heart chakra crystals, artworks and meditations.

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