Heart Chakra Crystals - Quiz Results

Welcome to I Love Chakra and thank you for completing your chakra quiz. 

It seems your heart chakra is out of alignment right now, but don't worry, we can help you with knowledge, wisdom and tools to support and balance this important energy centre.

So you can embrace more energies of love, compassion and forgiveness.


About your heart chakra

This fourth chakra is found in the centre of the chest, and its functions relate to compassion, forgiveness and love. The Sanskrit name for the heart chakra centre is Anahata, and it is represented by the colour green.

Heart chakra Imbalances

When your heart chakra is not balanced:

  • You may find it hard to find, or stay in, happy healthy relationships.
  • You may have experienced so much emotional pain or grief that you've lost faith in love.
  • You may often feel lonely or disconnection.
  • You may habitually put other peoples needs in front of your own.
  • You may often attract unsupportive, uncommitted, or abusive partners.
  • You may find it hard to forgive imperfections, mistakes or betrayals.
  • You may push people away, or mask your true feelings.
  • You may avoid commitment.
  • You might have never felt truly loved, or loved anyone.
  • You may not know what it is to love yourself.

Of course, you may not be experiencing all of these manifestations, but make a note of those that feel familiar. 

How to balance your heart chakra

Nourish your heart chakra energy by wearing powerful crystals and bring awareness and healing to this all-important energy centre. 

  • Wear Rose quartz. Rhodonite. Jade. Green Jasper. Turquoise. Labradorite.
  • Meditate on feelings of pure self-love and compassion.
  • Surround yourself with the people who love & support you.
  • Be more compassionate with yourself.
  • Demand respect from others.
  • Acknowledges your own self-worth.
  • Be forgiving. 
  • Keep an open heart.
  • Stay open to meeting new people.
  • Notice who makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Notice who triggers self-doubt.
  • Keep healthy boundaries.
  • Check-in with your own needs. 
  • Indulge in more self-care.

Wear crystals as a powerful reminder to help stay conscious and aware, on your journey to heart chakra healing. 

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