Happy Buddha Third Eye Chakra Mala - Intuition & Trust


This magical third eye Happy Buddha Mala is designed to help you focus on your powers of intuition, self trust and psychic ability. Learn to listen to your inner guides and pay more attention to your truest feelings rather than your passing thoughts.

These vibrant crystals help awaken your sixth sense, so you can hear the guiding forces of the universe and follow your true path. 

NOTE: Now you can opt to have alternative copper or sterling silver spheres between each bead. These are made to order, so allow a little more shipping time please. 

suggested mantra

“My intuition is the divine speaking through me.  I follow it.  I trust it.  I honor it.”


clear quartz
light amethyst 
blue lace agate 

These deluxe mala prayer beads are designed and hand crafted especially for you with 108 A grade 8 mm counting crystals, to help you become in touch with and trust your intuition. Each crystal is hand knotted in place, to make each sphere roll easily between your fingers.

We also take very special care to blend each colour spectrum perfectly into the next, to reflect the wheels of your energy centres seamlessly merging into one another.

We finish off all our malas with a subtle, but beautifully carved clear quartz smiling Buddha head. Clear quartz is a powerful cleansing and charging stone. 

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