Why We Love Red Jasper

About: Red jasper is an opaque, microcrystalline variety of quartz with large, grainy crystals rather than the fibrous layers of Chalcedony or Agate. It occurs in nodules or as fillings in fissures and may be found the world over.

Its vibrant red to terracotta red-brown is due to high iron content, and may contain other minerals or impurities that create rich patterns. It can be highly polished and has been used for vases, seals and snuff boxes. Jasper itself means "spotted or speckled stone", and is derived from the old French jaspre.

red jasper crystals and their meanings

Metaphysical: Red Jasper is known as a stone of vibrancy and endurance. It has been a talisman of warriors and a promoter of justice, protection, and life. It may be used to stimulate health and re-birth, new ideas and strategies, and increase one’s sensitivity to the earth when dowsing for water or calling in rain.  

It can be a gentle, but vital, stimulator of chi bringing physical strength and energy, stamina, focus and determination. It has a steady frequency, which calms the emotional body creating a lasting, stable energy for facing unpleasant tasks and having the courage to rectify wrongs.

Why you should wear this stone: We include red jasper in our sacral chakra line of jewellery because of its potential affects on libido and fertility, and we also include it because of its balancing and steady vibration.

The sacral chakra is about sexuality, change, and growth. This stone can help to ease those transitions and smooth out the highs and lows of change.  That is why our base chakra designs also include this powerful and significant stone. Red jasper helps to create a supportive grounding energetic field for your base chakra so that you can pull from the energy of the physical realm to ground yourself and your chakras throughout your journey.