sacral lace with copper & vermeil


Our Sacral Chakra Necklace is for creation. It connects you to mother earth reminding you to move fearlessly into new cycles, embracing fertility and change. Wear these crystals as a reminder to look forward to transition periods in your life, rather than fearing them. Remember when you are in unknown and unfamiliar periods of life you have more capacity for personal growth. These stones are also said to help in matters of fertility and reproduction. In this design we have blended the crystals with alternate copper and vermeil beads and daisy spacers.

sacral chakra stones 

Red aventurine
Red jasper
Smokey quartz
Tiger eye

about your chakra lace

These simply beautiful and unique chakra necklaces can provide you with a basis on which to create your own personalised talisman of positive energy, support and wellbeing. Our Chakra necklaces are all hand made with A grade crystals. Each one is cut, tumbled and double polished to resemble organic river pebbles, so they look and feel more tactile.

 " The gorgeous pebble shaped chakra stones in my chakra necklace help me to connect to natures awesome healing energy. "