Luxe Crystal Shrine


Do you need more calming energy in your home?

Would you like to turn your space into a sanctuary, so you can reconnect with that long-forgotten sense of peace, tranquillity and relaxation?

Is it time to invite more cleansing energies of love, compassion, trust and abundance into your life and set some positive intention for a sense of renewed inner peace? 

This beautiful bespoke hand-curated Luxe Crystal Shrine will bring powerful healing energy into your home. We carefully select each precious stone, considering its size, form, colour, texture and of course, healing energy vibrations. 

This means that your unique crystal shrine will look absolutely beautiful and radiate pure cleansing and calming vibrations into your space. 

Our first limited edition curated crystal shrine grouping consists of:

  • One hand-size rose quartz feature stone. 
  • A palm-sized amethyst cluster. 
  • A precious natural pyrite boulder.
  • A family of three AAAgrade clear quartz reiki healing pointers - 50mm - 75mm

Please note: Every crystal is unique, just like you.  So your crystal shrine will not be exactly the same as the one photographed here, but it will be similar.

Max crystal group height approximately 70mm

Max width approximately 150mm

Price includes FREE POSTAGE and a Chakra Love Crystal Affirmation Deck.