cleansing your stones

The A grade crystals we use have all been cleansed, charged and filled with absolute positive intention. But you can cleanse your crystals again by dipping them in the ocean or a bowl of sea salt solution, then place them in the light of the full moon to charge.
Full Moon Cleansing - Maybe get your friends to collect their crystals and Chakra Laces on a full moon and take them down to the beach and do a healing circle. Consider any negative thoughts you may have been holding onto in the last lunar cycle and focus on releasing them. Then think about all the wonderful things you can achieve in the following month. If you make this a monthly ritual, imagine all the support you will get from your crystals while you wear them. Our most popular Balancing Lace is a wonderful tool for healing and especially powerful when used in rituals like these.
Chakra Meditation Buddy - Work through a Chakra Cycle bringing awareness to each point in the body as you count through the colourful stones. This one is great to do in the morning before you begin your day.
Chakra Dream Alignment - Place our Chakra Balancing Lace underneath the mattress in alignment with your chakras. And watch as your dreams become more clear. This is also possible with the Crown and Third Eye Chakra Lace.
Chakra Massage Tool - Often practitioners use our Chakra Laces in their treatments.  If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in certain areas, use the right Chakra Lace as placement stones in that area.
Clearing Space- Hang them in rooms or places that need clearing. I always take mine traveling and hang it in my hotel room to bring some of my energy to the space.
Light Catchers - All or our Chakra Laces are great to have hanging in special places around your home. They help to clear space and draw in positive energies.
Badd Ju Ju Energy Barriers - If you are facing a particularly challenging situation, or there are people in your life who can be energy vampires, wear you Chakra Laces as a protection device.
Mandala - Use your Chakra Laces as beautiful Mandala on your crystal shrines. Or hang over your Buddha.
Yoga friend - Take your Chakra Lace and place it along the side of your mat as you do your practice.
There are hundreds of ways to use our Crystal Jewelry in rituals. So have some fun and find your own ways to use them.