Monthly Astrology - By Adam Free

The 2nd full moon of this astrological month, located at 27 degrees Cancer-Capricorn will occur around 3 pm PDT on July 19, 2016. The Cancer-Capricorn axis is a blend of earth and water elements, indicating the need for emotional security (cancer) and material security (Capricorn). Cancer is the sign of the nurturer. Under this full moon influence, we may need to ask ourselves this question - Am I taking time to nurture myself and those around me?

At this time, Mercury (communication) and Venus (relationships) in Leo ( the sign of the actor ) will be in close aspect to one another indicating the desire for social involvement and recreation. The Sun(vitality) will move in to Leo on July 22.

Neptune remains in it’s retrograde motion , until the end of this year making our dreams more vivid and our intuition that much clearer. The fluid, water like aspects of Neptune rule the realm of fantasy and creativity. When this planet is in retrograde, we are forced to look at our fantasy world in a more practical way. Thus activating the third eye and root chakra. 

- by Adam Free 

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