welcome to i love chakra

You have found your way to I Love Chakra, and let's just say if you have found us you're probably meant to be here, because we believe that crystals find you. Our unique range of powerful, crystal jewelry is designed to heal and activate your chakra centres. Helping you to release any negative energies that could be causing you to feel unhappy or unwell. Wearing our crystals can bring a wonderful sense of support and wellbeing into your life especially during challenging times. 

choosing the right crystals for you

We all have certain crystals we connect with, we may not know how or why but we are drawn back to the color, texture, and feel of particular gemstones.  So trust your intuition and choose the crystals that are calling to you most. Or learn more about crystals and their meanings here

our famous chakra laces

Our chakra lace necklace remains our most popular and timeless design. They have helped many people find energetic balance. ( Even Deepak's got one :) When you put them on, you will instantly feel a sense of calm and protection.  Take a look at some of our heart felt testimonials

" I put the CHAKRA crystals around my neck and when they fell down over my chest, instantly I felt protected, strong and secure. It was like a secret blanket was protecting my heart. "

All of our unique hand crafted chakra crystal creations are designed to restore the balance that is inherent in you and your energetic chakra system, while keeping you looking stylish and beautiful. So enjoy exploring our website and find the crystal energy that resonates with you most. Then you can experience the positive effects of these powerful crystals for yourself. 

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Important News - We are taking some time to balance our chakras and headed to India for a month of yoga, meditation and bliss. During this time some items will be unavailable.  Please order your Xmas gifts well before the 15th Dec to avoid disappointment.