Happy Buddha Sacral Chakra Mala - Fertility & Passion


This warming Happy Buddha Mala is created to encourage you to focus on embracing life's continual cycles of change. Celebrating fertility and growth, these vibrant crystals help to ignite your passion for life and new beginnings. So you can remain open to personal growth and launch yourself into unknown phases with excitement rather than fear. 

suggested mantra

“Change is growth. Growth is wisdom.”


red aventurine
peach moonstone
tiger eye
smoky quartz
braciated jasper 

    These deluxe mala prayer beads are designed and hand crafted especially for you with 108 A grade 8 mm counting crystals, to help move the energy from your root chakra up into and through your sacral chakra to help with creation and transformation. Each crystal is hand knotted in place, to make each sphere roll easily between your fingers. We also take very special care to blend each colour spectrum perfectly into the next. We finish off all our malas with a subtle, but beautifully carved clear quartz smiling Buddha head. Clear quartz is a powerful cleansing and charging stone. 

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