Happy Buddha Solar Plexus Mala - Abundance & Confidence


This sunny Happy Buddha Mala is designed to inspire full confidence and unlimited abundance. These warm golden crystals will help draw attention to your solar plexus chakra, your power centre. By activating, clearing and balancing this chakra you are embracing the possibilities of positive intention and welcoming the notion that you can manifest an abundance of whatever you desire. 

suggested mantra

“The universe is abundant.  I am abundant.  I am deserving. ”


golden tigers eye
smoky quartz
yellow jasper

These deluxe mala prayer beads are designed and hand crafted especially for you with 108 A grade 8 mm counting crystals. We take very special care to blend each colour spectrum perfectly into the next. We finish off all our malas with a subtle, but beautifully carved clear quartz smiling Buddha head. Clear quartz is a powerful cleansing and charging stone.

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