Fire mandala meditation download


Download this beautiful hand painted mandala to help you relax and connect with the element of fire.  As the film continues the patterns become more complex and intense, taking you on a beautiful, deep visual and audio meditation.  

how to use 

Simply lower the lights, relax your eyes, focus on the centre of the screen, and let the mandala take you deep into your energetic self.  Give yourself the gift of these short mediations and you will be happier more relaxed and energetically lighter after every experience. Download now so you can watch anytime.

benefits and uses

  • stress relief

  • relaxation

  • break from office environment

  • before work meditation

  • better sleep

  • Anger management

  • Recharge

  • Energy activation

  • Energy balancing

  • Yoga practice, yoga nidra or shavasana

  • Energy clearing

  • Focus

  • Art therapy

  • Anxiety

  • More energy

  • crystal activation

    creative collaboration

    Katie Manekshaws' chakra and element paintings are beautiful and powerful creations alone.  Each one works to activate and elevate a specific chakra center or elemental attribute.   Combined with music from the world renowned artists Sacred Earth Music and animated by Ken Meyering from these images have become even more powerful and enlightening.  

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