mandala meditations

We are absolutely buzzing about our newest offerings to you. We have created an amazing mandala meditation series to help us and you continue to spread love and be the best you you can be. Our commitment to use our creativity and healing vibrations to bring more awareness to your energy body continues and we hope you will share in this exciting, creative and spiritual journey as we launch these new creations.

Understanding your energy body is key to living a happier and more fulfilled life.

We are passionate about giving you access to a selection of tools and online advice that can help you to balance your chakras, so you can be in tune and understand your energetic body in accessible and entertaining ways.
We are pleased to introduce I Love Chakra's NEW Mandala Meditation Downloads. These beautiful mandalas have been created by animating the hand painted chakra and element artworks, of Katie Manekshaw. The shifting and ever changing images draw you in, while the music creates a powerful connection and calms your soul leaving you alert, relaxed, and in tune with the deeper aspects of your energetic self.  Use these relaxing mandalas to activate your chakra energies and connect to the elements.

Uses & benefits of regular watching

stress relief.
break from office environment
before work meditation
better sleep 
anger management
chakra activation
energy balancing
yoga practice, yoga nidra or shavasana
energy clearing
art therapy
more energy

How to use 

You can rent or download our mandalas onto your computer. Once you have downloaded, simply, lower the lights, sit comfortably. Then set your viewer to full screen and turn the music up. If you are in an office environment we'd recommend using headphones. Relax your eyes, focus on the centre of the mandala, and let the music and animation take you deep into your energetic self.
Take some time out and give yourself the gift of these mandala mediations each day and you will be happier more relaxed and energetically lighter after every experience.  


“ This is. Mind blowingly, chakra expandingly incredible, amazing, awesome in every way.” 
“ I. Am. speechless. This is magic!!! "  
“ I feel incredible and shifted. This will be a 40 day ritual for sure."
“ Amazing!! This is so valuable, what you have created here!”  
“ What a unique way to meditate it’s really mesmerizing ”   
"SO GOOD !!! I’ve been sleeping like an angel, and all the way through" 
“Pour more energy from and into this divine gift!!"

Creative collaborators

Katie Manekshaws' chakra and element paintings are beautiful and powerful creations alone.  Each one works to activate and elevate a specific chakra center or elemental attribute.  Combined with music from the world renowned artists Sacred Earth Music and animated by Ken Meyering from these images have become even more powerful and enlightening.