How to Choose Crystals

How to Choose Crystals For Yourself or Your Friends & Family

Write a list of your close friends & family and see if they match up with any chakra personality traits below. It might give you an idea of what to buy them.  

If you are buying crystals for yourself consider these same classic personality types for general guidance but always use your own intuition too. If you're still unsure you could try our awesome Chakra Quiz 

Classic personality traits for your different chakras 

Anthea: is a typical Libra = Choose Chakra Balancing Crystals for being present.

Vanessa: is a very busy girl = Choose Crown Chakra Crystal for more calm and less anxiety.

Katie:  is a self confessed space cadet = Support her Third Eye to access more trust & intuition.

Fiona: is all sorts of creative = Choose Throat Chakra Crystals for creative release and authenticity. 

Adele: is a total lovey dove = Give her Heart Chakra Supportive Stones for healthy boundaries in relationships.

Megan: ever the career girl = Always needs some solar plexus support for confidence and abundance.

Tory: is the innovative mover & shaker = Inspire her with Sacral Crystals for help with new projects. 

Nicole is the adventurers traveller  = Choose Root Chakra Crystals for grounding protection