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It seems your throat chakra is out of alignment right now, but don't worry we can help you with knowledge, wisdom and tools to support and balance this important chakra centre. So you can express energies of authenticity, freedom and truth.

About your throat chakra 

This fifth chakra is found in the throat area, and its functions relate to communication, creative expression and release. The Sanskrit name for the throat chakra centre is Vishuddha, and it is represented by the colour blue.


Throat Chakra Imbalances

When your throat chakra is not balanced:

  • You may have difficulty expressing your true nature, or needs.
  • You may suffer from throat or thyroid issues or often suffer neck or backache.
  • You may have a tendency to suppress your anger and frustrations. 
  • You might find it hard to listen for long periods of time.
  • You may have a habit of talking a lot about nothing.
  • You may tell little white lies to avoid conflict. 
  • You may have a massive fear of public speaking. 
  • You might be suffering from creative blocks. 
  • You might prefer friends who have very strong opinions.
  • You may allow other people to speak for you.
  • You may appear to be quite shy.
  • You may lack a strong sense of self. 
  • You may struggle to choose clothes that suit you.

You may not be experiencing all of these symptoms, but make a note of those that sound familiar.


How to balance your throat chakra

Nourish your throat chakra energy by wearing our powerful crystals as a reminder to bring awareness and healing to this all-important energy centre.

  • Wear Lapiz. Amazonite. Sodalite. Turquoise. Blue Fluorite. Blue Lace Agate. 
  • Meditate on releasing negative energy out of your physical body. 
  • Surround yourself with people you trust.
  • Practice being more authentic.
  • Share your feelings and needs.
  • Accept your true authentic self.
  • Express your individuality.
  • Practice public speaking. 
  • Sing more. 
  • Be creative.
  • Try chanting meditation. ( Kirtan )
  • Cry when you need to. Let it all out.
  • Express your emotions and release blocked energies. 
  • Keep a journal and write so you can release suppressed emotions.
  • Express your needs clearly.

Wear your crystals as a powerful reminder to stay more conscious of your journey towards throat chakra healing.


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