Rare Turquoise Soul Stones

These simple rare Turquoise Soul Stone Necklaces celebrate the power of all-natural American Turquoise. 

Turquoise can be used to activate throat and heart chakra awareness and balance. It is also often used in shamanic rituals.  

Shape 1 to 7 - Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

These large samples of rare Sleeping Beauty Turquoise are one of a kind pieces, so be quick.

Sleeping Beauty is no doubt the most valuable form of natural turquoise in the world. This is because of its natural bright blue colour and increasing scarcity, as the mine now being closed.  

Shape 8 - Camp de Frio Turquoise

Camp De Frio Turquoise is a very rare form of natural American Turquoise. We currently have 25 similar sized boulder shaped samples currently available for purchase. 


Approximately 50cm but can be altered if you put a note on your order.