Solar Plexus Crystals - Quiz Results

Welcome to I Love Chakra and thank you for completing your chakra quiz. 

It seems your solar plexus chakra is out of alignment right now, but don't worry we can help you with knowledge and tools to support and balance this important chakra centre. So you can embrace energies of abundance, confidence and self-worth. 

About your Solar Plexus 

This solar plexus chakra is found in the belly area, and its functions relate to self-respect, self-confidence, personal power and abundance. The Sanskrit name for the solar plexus chakra centre is Manipura and it is represented by the colour yellow or gold.

Solar Plexus Imbalances

When your Solar Plexus is not in balance:

  • You may have trouble holding on to money. 
  • You may identify with a range of self-destructive mindsets.
  • You might feel shy in social settings.
  • You may suffer from severe anxiety.
  • You right feel insecure about your appearance.
  • You may have a tendency to give your power away.  
  • You may feel undeserving of wealth. 
  • You may have difficulty asking for, or accepting help from others. 
  • You may have low self-esteem, lack confidence and self-worth.
  • You might expect failure before even trying new endeavours. 
  • You may always see the negative side of life.

You may not experience all of these symptoms but make a note of those that feel familiar.

How to balance your solar plexus chakra

Nourish your solar plexus chakra by wearing our powerful crystals as a reminder to bring more awareness and healing to this all-important energy centre. 

  • Wear Citrine. Tiger eye. Smoky quartz. Mookite. Yellow Aragonite.
  • Meditate on feelings of abundance. Imagine sunlight pouring into your navel centre and reflecting back into the universe, imagine this light getting brighter each time.
  • Ask for help when you need it.
  • Start believing that you can manifest your desires.
  • Remind yourself that you deserve happiness. 
  • Observe negative thought patterns. And simply flip them to positive.
  • Join a sports team or group class. 
  • Put yourself front and centre.
  • Wear yellow or gold.
  • Start saving - even a teeny bit each week.
  • Actively smile more.
  • Watch a sunrise.
  • Try to laugh more.
  • Expect abundance. 

Wear our crystals as a way of reminding yourself that you are abundant and worthy.

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