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Throat Chakra Stones Crystal Necklace - Expression

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Our Throat Chakra Necklace encourages self-expression, while also helping you to let go of things that no longer serve you. It supports you in the release of any negative beliefs you may’ve been holding on to, so your energy can become more open, fluid and flowing. These crystals encourage honesty, authenticity, individuality and creativity, helping you to use your voice to expand your energy.

About Your Chakra Stones Necklace

These simply beautiful and unique chakra necklaces are your own personal talismen of positive energy, support and wellbeing. Hand-made with 54 A-grade crystals, each one is cut, tumbled and double polished to resemble gleaming river pebbles, so they look wonderfully natural and feel beautifully tactile.

Throat Chakra Activation Ritual

Before you first wear your necklace, count your crystals one by one, visualising any stress, discomfort or negativity progressively leaving your body with each count. Then consider an intention, desire or mantra, (perhaps something like: “I communicate my feelings with ease,” “I listen to my body and feelings to know my truth,” or “I let go of negative thoughts, and I always express myself truthfully and clearly,”) and count each crystal again, all the while repeating your intention, and grounding it into each stone. 

Please note: stone combinations may vary slightly, depending on supply.