Personalised Crystal Necklaces


Absolutely nothing would give us more pleasure than to create a completely unique healing crystal necklace, just for you. 

You can now commission us to create a personalised bespoke crystal talisman, that you will treasure forever. Because it was made for you. Just you. 

When you take this opportunity we will work with you to intuit which crystal vibrations will support your journey most. So your special necklace will have so much meaning for you.

Once you have ordered your bespoke necklace, we will ask you to send us an email detailing which aspects of your life you are struggling with, and in which areas you feel you need most support. This information will remain completely confidential.

We will then consider all you have shared and work with spirit to put something truly beautiful and powerful together for you.

We will then begin channeling creative and healing vibrations as we carefully choose each crystal and tie it in place with blessings, positive intention and much love.

Once completed we will place your crystal necklace in the moonlight over night, so your crystals are cleansed, charged and buzzing with healing vibrations just for you.

This divine creative process is totally unique to I Love Chakra. Our team of light workers will infuse a beautiful energy into each personalised piece.  

We create these bespoke crystal necklaces with alternate silver, vermeil and copper beads. And each one is finished off with our signature sterling silver Intention Bell. 

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