Crystal Chakra Awakening Journey - 21st September 2019 - Adelaide


This enlightening workshop will help you understand your chakra system like never before. 

I Love Chakra has teamed up with accredited Clairvoyant Healer and celebrity author BelindaGrace to create this educational and inspiring Crystal Chakra Awakening Journey.  

First we will guide you to feel into your energetic body, learning about each chakra through a range of fun, experiential exercises and meditations. You will then begin to recognise the wisdom of your subtle energy body so you can clear blockages & restore balance. 

You will also learn how to use energy healing tools like crystals to support you in bringing your chakras back into balance. 


BelindaGrace - Chakra Expert. Author. Light Worker. Chakra Healer. Clairvoyant Healer.

    Dates & Details

    21st September 2019  -  10am - 4 pm


    To be decided. 


    Delicious lunch and afternoon tea.

    Yoga mats, bolsters and cushions provided.


    $195 per person,


    Doors will open at 9am. Stair access only, no elevator, no wheelchair access

    What To Bring

    Water Bottle. Journal.

    Parking Nearby

    Wilsons Parking. Directly across the street. Entry via 42 Albert Street
    Entry on the day - $10 for the day or book online in advance - $8 for the day Parking lot code for this address is AM60, be sure to book and park here as there are other Wilson lots in Brisbane, but this is the closest and not all of them are open on weekends



    " Thank you so much for the AMAZING CRYSTALS CHAKRA meditation at WANDERLUST NZ. It was so special and amazing! Now I have a new friend from the workshop, she even came to my yoga class. It was lovely to meet you afterwards, you have given me positive insights to continue to follow down this road. Highly recommend to anyone your Crystal Chakra Awakening Journey! " xo Stacy

    " Thankyou for your time and for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with myself and Tania and also the rest of the class.  I have been doing meditation classes for the past 5 yrs and in that 5 yrs i've worked a lot with the chakras . Last night was definitely beneficial for me and taught me techniques that worked well for me"

    "On our journey on earth we are always learning and I am very thankful and grateful for last night . I left the workshop with clarity and inspiration and i am determined to succeed in fulfilling my destiny here on earth without allowing the fear of change to control me . - Thanks again for last night Love Alana x "

    “Hi BelindaGrace, I just wanted to say how wonderful it was to see you today…I wanted to again tell you what a difference you have made in my life. You and the Angels sparked new thoughts and paths for me to pursue. Helped me see that I could make major changes and start to heal myself from this illness that was slowly killing my body and soul. I have grown so much from being able to meet you, study with you, and connect with the Angels. You truly are a beautiful soul and I feel blessed to know you and have you in my life. Thank you for everything, Much love,” Amber C. UK 

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