Chakra Crystal Healing Journey


"Hello everyone, my name is Katie. Let me introduce myself. I've been working with the chakras and crystals for over 15 years. I guess I would call myself a chakra intuitive. I make bespoke crystal necklaces for people who need more energetic balance. First I will offer you a 20 min phone consultation in which I will personally guide you on a beautiful energy balancing meditation. Then I will tell you what chakras I felt were unbalanced. We will then discuss the imbalances and suggest ways in which to access more balance in these chakras. Then I will set to work in creating you a personalised crystal necklace for you to use as continued support on your healing journey. I look forward to connecting. Please read our testimonials page for peace of mind." -  Katie x 

STEP 1. Commit To Your Healing

Commit to your own long term wellbeing by letting us completely nurture you and take you on this powerful Chakra Crystal Healing Journey.

Step 2. Chakra Reading

Once you order, we will get in touch with you and organise a private 20min chakra healing phone session with one of our incredibly gifted and experienced chakra intuitives.

You will be amazed at the insights and wisdoms that will be revealed to you.

During your session we will discuss your chakra energies in much more depth, and perform a chakra clearing meditation.

We will then offer you personal guidance on ways to heal and balance your chakra energies, especially those problem chakras that are causing you to feel most unhappy and/or emotionally unwell.

STEP 3. The Crystal Healing Process.

After our chakra healing session, we will use the knowledge gained to create a beautiful and empowering and personalised Chakra Crystal Talisman.

We will create your piece with carefully selected  crystals and gemstones that will help support your energy the most.

We will also cleanse your stones with sage and charge them under the moon before shipping.

Step 4. Your Crystal Talisman Arrives

Once you receive your personalised crystal talisman, we will send you a lovely chakra balancing meditation, which you can use as often as you like to cleanse and charge your crystals.

Then you can wear your crystals every day, as a beautiful reminder of chakra awareness and energetic healing.

The crystal necklaces shown here  are part of our Limited Edition Collection that all have different healing properties.

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