Total Healing Collection


Buy the whole collection of Chakra Healing Wrap Necklaces ( Laces ) as a wonderful gift for your personal use.  By having the whole set of Chakra Laces you can pick the crystals that suit your situation on a daily basis. Plus if you buy all 7 chakra necklaces your get our most popular Balancing Lace absolutley FREE. 

Stress or anxiety - Crown Necklace

Letting go, creativity - Throat Necklace

Indecision - Third Eye Necklace

Relationship challenges - Heart Necklace

Fear or work issues - Solar Plexus Necklace

New Challenges or fertility issues - Sacral Necklace

Vunerability or loss - Root Necklace

Scattered or emotionally volatile -  Balance Necklace

Practitioners' healing tools 

This complete set also appeals to healers and practitioners who would like to add crystal healing and chakra work to their practice as the laces can be used as placement stones.  

suggested rituals

  • Put your Chakra Lace under your bed to align your chakras while you sleep.
  • Align your Chakra Lace along side your yoga mat in alignment with your chakra centres. 
  • Meditate through the chakras by using the Chakra Lace like a modern day mala. 
  • Create crystal grids and mandalas by creating shapes and patterns around your home or practice. 
  • Clear space by hanging it in your meditation room.
  • Use it for aligning the chakras after a body work treatment or reiki. By placing it along the length of the body.
  • Place your Balance Lace along your massage table if you are a practitioner, to set the space for a treatment.

NOTE: Please note the throat & root chakra laces are slightly different stone combinations from photographs now. 

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