Awaken Blue Lotus Oil


SAVE $60 on our Blue Lotus Oil Triple Pack. 

I Love Chakra's NEW Awaken Sacred Feminine Blue Lotus Oil is pure sensory heaven. Perfect for ritual and wear this blissfully intoxicating oil can be used for the face, body and hair.  It will awaken your senses instil more calm, self love and intuition.    

Bath time

Simply place 5 drops in your bath for a an exotic sensory experience, that will ensure a blissful nights rest. 

Daily Face Moisturiser

Place on or two drops in your palm and smooth onto your face and neck.

Hair Oil 

Place 3 drops in your palms and run through your hair for soften tangle free locks that smell divine. 

Sacred Meditation Oil

Placing one drop on your finger then rub into your third eye before meditating to access higher states of consciousness. 

Massage Oil

Place 3 to 5 drops in your palms to massage the body, or feet.

Our Sacred Feminine Awaken Oil is infused with the actual Blue lotus flowers themselves, then blended into a beautiful cold pressed Moringa Oil, which itself has deeply healing qualities for the body.

Beautifully packaged in a blue bottles with application dropper and wrapped with a beautiful Amethyst Pebble, tied and wrapped with golden thread.  

Benefits of I Love Chakra's New Awaken Oil

Soothes aches & pains

Soothes the skin

Repairs skin damage sunburn, acne & insect bites

Moisturises and softens the skin

Relieves anxiety

Uplifting and relaxing mood enhancer

Use in meditation, body treatments and rituals

Amazing relaxing bath oil to encourage sleep

Smoothes, softens and untangles hair


Each blue bottle with dropper contains 50ml Awaken Oil.

Incudes 5% Blue Lotus Flower infused Oil set in cold pressed Moringa Oil Base.

ATTENTION: As with ALL topical oils, skin and hair products please do a skin test before use. This will to ensure you have no allergic reactions. Thank you. 

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