Psychic Astrology Readings


Discover more about your chakras and astrological life path in a private Skype session with psychic astrologer Patsy Bennett. 

Patsy has worked professionally as an astrologer and psychic for over 20 years. She began reading palms and tarot at age 14, and experienced mediumistic insights as young as 12. Patsy is a natural psychic medium and has perfected her skill by studying with some of the worlds foremost mediums. 

Patsy studied Astrology at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London in the 1990s after completing her Master of Arts in Romance Languages and Literature.

Patsy has appeared on several live daytime TV and radio shows, including Studio 10 and Mornings, Channel 9, and her horoscopes are published in over 65 newspapers and magazines throughout Australia, including The Sunshine Coast Daily and The West Australian. Her monthly astrology blogs are featured online in Nature & Health magazine and her articles have been published in magazines including Take 5, ELLE UK and Practical Parenting. 

Patsy's first astrology book, Astrology: Secrets of the Moon was published by Rockpool Publishing in October 2015 and her Astrology Diaries and Zodiac Reading Cards were published in subsequent years. The Zodiac Reading Cards were recently translated into Czech. Patsy provides astrology and psychic intuitive consultations and facilitates astrology and psychic development workshops in northern NSW and the Gold Coast in Australia.

Patsy's readings reflect her considerable experience: she is both sensitive and sympathetic to your requirements in her readings, providing accurate insight into the present and guidance into the future. She works intuitively in her astrology readings, using both her extensive knowledge of natal charts and her considerable predictive abilities. Her psychic readings look into the underlying dynamics of your current circumstances and your best way forward, offering insight and guidance into realistic and practical options to move ahead. Her mediumship readings bring loving and supportive messages to you from loved ones, ancestors and spirit guides who offer clarity and direction.