So your root chakra isn’t quite firing on all cylinders? Here’s what to do:
Take our 12 Days of Chakra e-course
12 Days of Chakra is our practical hands-on guide to rebalancing your chakra.
This course is different. We’ve cut out the endless theory, the waffle, the oversharing and the overwhelm, to bring you this practical, pithy 12-day email series for chakra good health.
Delivered each day by email, it covers the best, most tried-and-trusted methods that you can easily incorporate each day.
Sign up to bring balance and healing to whichever chakra is out of whack and access insights, guidance, free downloads and more – including:
- Practices, exercises and affirmations, plus chakra-nourishing recipes, hints, tips and much more to experiment with.
- A beautiful, hypnotic Yoga Nidra mp3, recorded especially for this course.
- A free Mandala Meditation download, created by ilovechakra founder Katie.
- Special member offers and discounts on the ilovechakra collection.
Delivered in lightheartedly-grounded ilovechakra style, 12 Days of Chakra will save you heaps of time wading through the reams of information out there to find what you need, giving you the best tools to help you make tangible, long-lasting shifts.
Cut to the chase and take charge of your own healing with straight-to-the-point help, advice and inspiration from ilovechakra.

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