Mother Earth


Connect to mother earth and re-establish feelings of stability and trust with this woodsy crystal design. 

This necklace will help you to activate feelings of renewed comfort and security in an unstable world. 

This beautiful necklace combines a gorgeous collection of earthy crystals that activate your lower three chakras and third eye.

Made with a subtle mix of confident and abundant citrine, grounding tiger eye, protective smoky quartz and intuitive labradorite. All mixed with copper and vermeil set on a brown thread. 

We will make you your unique crystal necklace with care, love and positive intention. All our necklaces are individually hand made to order, each and every gemstone's shape, size and colour is as unique as you are.


NOTE: International postage has been dramatically impacted. Please order with infinite patience as our post office workers struggle on the front line of this pandemic. 

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