Limited Edition Crystal Wrap Necklaces

Welcome to our limited edition collection, where we blend silver, gold or copper beads with rare combinations of beautiful crystals. 

If what you are looking for is out of stock please contact us and we will try to source more stones.

Or if you would like us to make a specific combination of crystals not seen here, we may be able to create something unique just for you.

Ways to Wear 

A   SIMPLE - Tie a single knot. 
B   SCARF - Wrap around once & knot at the front.
C   Dream Catcher - wear two wrap necklaces together. Knot A at the base of B.
D   CHOKER - As per SCARF but turn to the back. 
E   SCARF - Fold in half and drop end through the loop. 
F   BRACELET OR ANKLET - Wrap & knot. Or use our Sterling Silver Lotus Bell Charm to connect ends.