Wrap Necklaces with 54 Crystals

Let these gorgeous crystal necklaces become your personal talisman of ritual, healing and support. 

Our classic chakra stone wrap necklaces, feature 54 precious crystals for mantra meditations, ritual & wear. 

You’ll feel the difference as soon as you put them on !

" My I Love Chakra crystals nourish and protect me. I love that gentle dangle of stones that play touch and go with my belly as I walk about my day. They reassure me they've got me. I value them as gorgeous, gentle and friendly guardians of my body. They come to me particularly right before a momentous shift in my personal life. They spiritually assist me with feeling into my intuition and creativity. These crystal lariats have helped out through a lot of healing and have helped me gain a lot more harmony in my life. "

" I put the CHAKRA crystals around my neck and when they fell down over my chest, instantly I felt protected, strong and secure. It was like a secret blanket was protecting my heart. "

Loved for their versatility these unique crystal necklaces can be worn many ways, either long or short, single or layered. Simply wrap and tie as you would a scarf. You can even mix different ones together for personalised chakra support.


You can also use them in meditation by counting through the stones to 108 with your favourite mantra.

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Explore our range of limited edition Chakra Stone Necklaces with rare blends of stones mixed with precious metals, and featuring our special meditation stone ending. 

The Many Different Ways To Wear Chakra Stone Wrap Necklaces

( Featured here is our Limited Edition Peacock Chakra Stones Necklace )

A   SIMPLE - Tie a single knot. 
B   SCARF - Wrap around once & knot at the front.
C   Dream Catcher - wear two wrap necklaces together. Knot A at the base of B.
D   CHOKER - As per SCARF but turn to the back. 
E   SCARF - Fold in half and drop end through the loop. 
F   BRACELET OR ANKLET - Wrap & knot. Or use our Sterling Silver Lotus Bell Charm to connect ends.


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