Strong Heart


We all deserve to feel loved.  But sometimes we sabotage our own sense of self worth by desperately trying to attain love from someone who is unsuitable or not interested.

This desire to feel needed may also lead us into destructive relationships that are unhealthy, unsupportive or even abusive.  

Work on your root and heart chakra to deepen your feelings of self love. By doing this you are activating a stronger heart. Then you will recognise and attract the type of relationships that feel wholesome, healthy & supportive. When your root and heart chakra are in balance you will not tolerate being mistreated. 

STRONG LOVE  . . . should feel safe.

STRONG LOVE . . . should feel supportive.

STRONG LOVE . . . should always call you back ;)

This powerful crystal combination will help you to connect your foundation energies with your heart centre and activate a strong heart.

Crystal Combination

Rhodonite, Muscovite, Rose Quartz, Hematite, Falcon Eye, Rhodochrosite, Smoky Quartz.  

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