Psychic Protection Crystal Necklace


We believe that everyone has the ability to learn to trust their intuition and activate their third eye chakra center. However, those we call psychic or clairvoyant have honed this practice to become a tool for understanding and healing.

Those with these gifts and abilities often feel like they are born with them, and work hard to build the trust necessary for this work within themselves.  Psychic awareness can also be triggered by powerful spiritual awakenings, dramatic life changing events, or the death of someone close.  Regardless of how one realizes their spiritual gifts, it requires trust and patience to embody them. 

This striking crystal necklace is made with a combination of amethyst, lepidolite, and red and blue tiger eye. A perfect blend of third eye opening and root chakra stones. These crystals will help you connect with the psychic realm whilst keeping you protected and most importantly grounded in the physical world. 

'I never do readings without mine on.' 

These crystals can be very supportive for you if you ...

Do any kind of psychic readings.

Work in the metaphysical realm. 

Want to clarify your dreams. 

Would like to access your sub conscious.

Are exploring past life regression.

Suffer from night terrors. 

Want to activate your third eye chakra. 

Need to trust yourself more. 

Suffer from extreme indecision.

Feel like you are being psychically attacked.

Need to ground your psychic energies. 

Need psychic protection. 

A   SIMPLE - Tie a single knot. 
B   SCARF - Wrap around once & knot at the front.
C   Dream Catcher - wear two wrap necklaces together. Knot A at the base of B.
D   CHOKER - As per SCARF but turn to the back. 
E   SCARF - Fold in half and drop end through the loop. 
F   BRACELET OR ANKLET - Wrap & knot.

Or use our Sterling Silver Lotus Bell Charm to connect ends.

STONES: Amethyst, Red & Blue Tiger Eye, Lepidolite. Hematite. 

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