Natural Abundance Crystal Necklace


This stunning Chakra Stone Wrap Necklace is designed to inspire a natural sense of confidence and abundance, so you feel at one with the universe and the pace of energetic flow.  

Created with a combination of golden crystals that activate your solar plexus, sacral & root chakra. Wearing this unique crystal combination will help you awaken a new sense of self confidence and relaxed abundance. 

blended with copper spheres & vermeil daisy spacers.

 Nature Is Our Inspiration

Sometimes we will find something beautiful in nature and use it as inspiration to create a limited edition Chakra Stone Wrap Necklace, with the same colour spectrum. Just one more way to creatively connect to the world around us. 

This gorgeous necklace was inspired by another beautiful image from our friend and favourite photographer Colby Brown.  This beautiful study of a sunflower reminded us of golden rays of abundance shining forth.

 The Many Different Ways To Wear Chakra Stone Wrap Necklaces

( Featured here is our Limited Edition Peacock Chakra Stones Necklace )

A   SIMPLE - Tie a single knot. 
B   SCARF - Wrap around once & knot at the front.
C   Dream Catcher - wear two wrap necklaces together. Knot A at the base of B.
D   CHOKER - As per SCARF but turn to the back. 
E   SCARF - Fold in half and drop end through the loop. 
F   BRACELET OR ANKLET - Wrap & knot. Or use our Sterling Silver Lotus Bell Charm to connect ends.

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