Heart Restart Lariat


Love is a wonderful thing and it can lift our spirits high, but it can also fill us with longing when lost.  

If we can forgive ourselves and others for the suffering we have endured, and allow our soul's journey to be nourished by the experience of pain, loss and disappointment. We are one step closer to freeing ourself from damaging, negative attachments, and restoring emotional balance.

Then we can keep our hearts open to the infinite possibilities of someone fabulous appearing on our path. Including that person you see in the mirror. 

This combination of crystals will support you on this journey. 

Muscovite Mix

Chrysoprase - vibrant joyous love attracting stone.

Labradorite - to protect you from negative energy and encourage you trust your intuitive boundaries.

Rose Quartz  - to calm, soften and open your heart.

Rhodonite - opens your heart but stabilises your emotions.

Ocean jasper - heart protection and self love.

There is also a second variant blend.

Serephanite Mix

Serephanite - a super grounding stone that is said to activate your heart and root chakra, and call on your angel guides.

This gorgeous Heart Restart Lariat is available with copper and gold vermeil mixers.


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