Good Love


If you find it easy to be patient, loving and attentive to others. 

Yet you neglect yourself the same care, respect & attention. 

Next time you are faced with a decision or dilemma that triggers self-doubt, negative self-talk, insecurity or indecision... hold your heart chakra crystals & ask yourself . . .

" What would I do now if I
Right action will follow. 

The story of these crystals

We originally designed this beautiful crystal necklace for a gorgeous lady whose heart chakra was way too open.  - A typical empath ;) 

We made her this crystal necklace to help her bring more awareness to healthy boundaries. So she could focus on self-care, and so attract people into her life that are healthy & supportive, rather than dysfunctional & overly needy.

We see this pattern in many of our more sensitive customers, who are especially empathic, so we thought we would add this useful design to our limited edition range. 

It's a great one for help finding new and healthy romantic relationships too ;)

Love, Love, Love. 

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