Intuitive Love Necklace


Made with Amethyst, Lepidolite and rare Siberian Seraphinite, this striking necklace is beautiful to behold. Inspired by two young lovers who visited our stall at a recent festival, this unusual blend of deep purple and green stones makes a powerful talisman to active more intuition in romance and relationship.

To find love we must first trust our intuition.

Seraphinite heralds the angelic energy of your divine feminine, while lepidolite & amethyst activates psychic awareness, self trust and inner guidance.

Rare Seraphinite

Seraphinite is a beautiful green and grey stone known best for its heart chakra opening qualities. The iridescent ridges that run through the crystals formation resemble the silvery plumes of angels wings. So it was named after the Seraphim Angels, which are also heralded as The Angels of Love.  

Found in the mountains of Siberia this enchanting crystal is said to activate feeling of pure love. So if your angels are guiding you to this beautiful necklace, be quick. 

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