Aqua Ice Crystal Necklace


Wearing this rare crystal combination can help you express yourself more authentically. Reminding you to stay in your truth & allow yourself to be vulnerable, without any fear of judgement or rejection. It will also help you release stored negative emotions. Let it go. And encourage you to listen to, trust and share the message of Creator as it flows through heart. 

Rare Crystal Combination

Natural American Turquoise, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Fluorite & Angelite
Blended with sterling silver balls & daisy spacers.

( Can switch to copper & vermeil if you prefer just add to your order notes. )

Nature Is Our Inspiration

Sometimes we will find something beautiful in nature and use it as inspiration to create a limited edition Chakra Stone Wrap Necklace, with the same colour spectrum. Just one more way to creatively connect to the world around us.

This gorgeous necklace is inspired by the colours of Iceland. This spectacular image was taken by professional photographer and friend Colby Brown who snapped this beauty on a recent trip.

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