Rare Crystal Combination Necklaces

Our most beautiful and powerful Crystal Chakra Lariats are specially designed to support, heal and nurture you.  When you put them on you will experience an intense feeling of reassurance and well-being. They can be worn by men and women. 

Each one of these totally unique and stunning pieces is made by hand, with the right intention and the greatest of care. You can never have too many, because each one holds a totally unique energy, and supports you differently. 

Choose from our Limited Edition Rare Crystal Combinations. Chakra Necklace Collection, or alternatively, you can commission Personalised Crystal Ritual Necklace with the stones that will support your individual energetic healing journey. 

Use our beautiful crystals for mantra, meditation, ritual, wear & prayer. 

" My I Love Chakra crystals nourish and protect me. I love that gentle dangle of stones that play touch and go with my belly as I walk about my day. They reassure me they've got me. I value them as gorgeous, gentle and friendly guardians of my body. " - Emina

This how to wear montage features our beautiful Peacock Necklace. 


A   SIMPLE - Tie a single knot. 
B   SCARF - Wrap around once & knot at the front.
C   Dream Catcher - wear two wrap necklaces together. Knot A at the base of B.
D   CHOKER - As per SCARF but turn to the back. 
E   SCARF - Fold in half and drop end through the loop. 
F   BRACELET OR ANKLET - Wrap & knot.

Or use our gorgeous Sterling Silver Lotus Bell Charm to connect each end.