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  • TURQUOISE - Why do people love it so much ?

    Why is Turquoise everyone's favourite stone? Maybe it's because of its vibrant blue colour.  Maybe it's the fact that Turquoise warms to our body temperature more quickly than any other stone making it feel like a part of you.

    Maybe it's because no other mineral in nature has such a keen reaction to the environment & condition of its wearer making it a great protector and ally.

    Whatever the reason, turquoise has long been used in spiritual rituals and has been found in burial sites all over the world - from the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs, to the shahs of Persia, to American Indian chiefs. Ancient Egyptians valued turquoise so much that, according to some researchers, it appeared as the first gem to be forged.


    In North American Indian myths, turquoise is most commonly mentioned by the Navajo, the Apache, the Hopi, and the Pueblo. These tribes consider it one of the most important stones for body and soul protection, a symbol of heavenly purity, and a keystone for medicine men, capable of causing rain and protecting from sickness.

    The Apache believed that if you reach the end of the rainbow after a thunderstorm, you will find turquoise.

    In Hopi tradition it is said that the Earth freed itself from the water which used to cover it thanks to turquoise.

    Source - Oksana Y. Danchevskaya


    Mantra to use with Turquoise:

    " I connect to the elements of nature. To find my path on earth and feel my place with spirit. "

    Our turquoise jewelry is designed to attract love, encourage freedom of expression, and evoke natures healing energies. Two of our limited editions Lariats contain the rarest form of natural vibrant blue turquoise. Our powerful Turquoise Lariat and limited edition Peacock Lariat hold a natural beauty that is unsurpassed, whilst connecting you to some of the most ancient, mystic, and shamanic cultures of the world. We have a limited amount of this rare stone, and it always sells fast. So make sure to get yours while our supplies last.    

    WARNING : Many types of common turquoise are treated or dyed. However the American turquoise pieces we use on our Lariats are rare Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. It is the highest quality natural turquoise you can buy.

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